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Agriculture, Farming and Forestr

Concerning agriculture, the extensive cultivation of cereals plays an important role, but the olive grove and the vineyard also suffered an increasing in recent years. Some villages, such as Pias, Amareleja and Granja, produce very high quality wines. In Forestry, the cultivation of Pine-tree and Cork-oak has also increased in a significant way.

Cattle raising is an important economic sector for the area. The breeding is mostly centered on sheep for milk and meat, pigs (Raça Alentejana – local breed) and cows specially vocated for beef. In grounds not suitable for farming, the Hunting appears as a strategical resource, due to its economic potential.

One special note on the agriculture high quality products, all with a DOP (Protected Origin Denomination) and DOC (Controled Origin Denomination) seals: Queijo Serpa (sheep cheese), Azeite de Moura (olive oil), Vinho de Moura (wine), Presunto de Barrancos (ham), Vinho da Granja (wine).

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