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Cuisine owes its quality to the preparation’s refinement and elegance. It mixes the excellent wheat bread with lamb and pork. All this is joined by a wise choice of condiments: the magnificent olive oil, the lard and the herbs such as parsley, mint, coriander, oregon and others that can only be found here.

From this apparent simplicity of means comes the traditional courses (some of them exclusively vegetarian) such as “migas”, “açorda”, “borrego á pastora”, “lavadas”(cold smashed tomato soup), “gaspacho”, “masmarras” (hot bread and garlic porridge), “grãos de alho e louro”(chickpeas with garlic and laurel), “surra-burra”, “caldeiradas de peixe do rio” (river fish soup with herbs).

Many others specialties could be named, there are plenty to make your mouth water. The wines are exquisite here, white or red, you name it.

From specialities it is important to emphasize Serpa Cheese, Moura Olive Oil, Barrancos Ham, Granja Wine, Moura Wine and Amareleja Raisins, products which are originally from here, and are produced from quality staples according to a centenarian know-how.

A special word for two natural and wild products of exquisite taste: the asparagus and the mushrooms.

With all dishes, or with bread only, a swell combination can be achieved with Olives, splendid in any form of preservation.

For desserts: fruits and sweets. According to the time of the year, oranges, figs, grapes, melons, all of them remarkably tasty. As for sweets, we suggest those which are based on a monasterial tradition.

With all these deliucacies we compose the picture which will take the visitor to enjoy the slowfood pleasures, a cultural attitude, dignified by the originality of confection and products quality.

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