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Moura is a very ancient town. Proud and imposing. Someone called it Sintra of Alentejo, perhaps because of its water abundance, or perhaps because of its legend, of a morish princess and her broken heart.

In the surroundings, the small villages composea beautiful picture: Santo Amador and its chimneys; Safara and its church, symbol of a tradicional faith; near the border, at Santo Aleixo da Restauração, there is a wild territory, A Contenda, managed by the municipalities of Moura (Portugal), Encinasola and Aroche (Spain), habitat of species such as the Black Vulture and the Eagle. Still in this territory, the ruins of an ancient monastery, Convento da Tomina, wait to be rediscovered by mankind.

On the way to the Guadiana river, two small villages: Póvoa de S.Miguel and Estrela. On the northern part of the territory, another village, Amareleja, land of magnificent wines, some of them awarded with the DOP and DOC seals.

Miguel Rego

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