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Mourão bets on the changes introduced by the construction of the Alqueva dam. Less land, but much more water. Even so, Mourão will always keep its streets filled with orange trees, leading us to the Garden in the Central Square.

With the Alqueva Dam a part of the territory will be nothing more than a rememberance: Aldeia da Luz and its roads to the river, the water mills, the Castelo da Lousa (a roman villa, castellum from the 1st century BC).

Schist is the region`s most profuse rock. It was used to build the castle in the 13th century, and also to rebuild it in the 17th century.

Spending some time here, it is almost compulsory to visit the churches, but also to glimpse at small details on the walls and the chimeys abundant.

Mourão, a land of warm and colourfull fiestas. A land of famous wines, specially those from Granja, internationally awarded. Red or white, just taste it.

Miguel Rego

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